The Supreme Fall/Winter 2014 accessories lineup may start with a skateboard deck you’d anticipate (this one being H.R. Giger-insipired), but from there, you can consider pretty much everything to be officially branded Supreme. Need a little pick me up at work to mask what a Supreme fuck up you are? Plant your Supreme coffee cup on a Supreme coaster while you take notes with your Supreme grown-up man pen. From towels to platters to a Swiss army knife, the twenty-something number of items include everything, except perhaps literally, the kitchen sink. Sorry, only a boring plain-wrap kitchen sink for you this winter. But you can key a car hood or spark up a fire with real urban streetwear panache.

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  2. […] this time last year when Supreme released a huge line of accessories which slapped their branding onto everything from coffee mugs to platters to Swiss army knives? […]

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