19 Aug
Gestalten's guide to doing everything you do, but better

Gestalten brings you The Monocle Guide to Good Business, a comprehensive guide to the better business-minded version of you. Not so much a business plan of numbers per se, the men behind the esteemed Monocle publication outline how good business can be defined by the simpler things, like bringing your dog to the job you love. This sort of outside-the-box thinking makes the The Monocle Guide to Good Business more of a professional lifestyle instructional than a get-rich-quick scam. Gestalten puts it all together on 300 pages of high-quality paper with original photography due out September 2014. This followup to 2007’s The Monocle Guide to Better Living is practical living advice to the rising entrepreneur or success-minded person. Gestalten’s The Monocle Guide to Good Business is now available for preorder for $60.

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