11 Sep
The perfect book collection for the DIY brew lover

Artisan crafting and do-it-yourself-ing have been trending about the globe in general, but where the interest has perhaps blossomed most is in the art of making and knowing a good craft beer. With Barley and Hops: The Craft Beer Book, Gestalten has compiled the perfect book collection for the DIY brew lover. Whether one is entertaining the prospect of a new hobby, starting a new business in brewing, or even if one is a mere foam-sipping pageturner in the need of a good pint, Barley and Hops: The Craft Beer Book presents 256 full-color pages of insight into today’s brewing practices, culture, people, places and beer, beer, beer. What began as hobby culture in the U.S about thirty years ago has since taken off into a worldwide movement to which this book stands as testament. Barley and Hops was compiled by Sylvia Kopp, a certified beer somalier and journalist who has juried and guided many through both the brewing and tasting experience worldwide, with contributions from other master brewers such as Sven Ehmann and Robert Klanten. Due out on September 19th for  $50.

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