22 Sep
Latest custom bike from the House of Simple Pleasures

Aussie-via-Venice Beach makers of custom motorcycles and surfboards Deux Ex Machina have unveiled their Pegasus — an impressive wheeled steed inspired by a customer’s 1969 Camaro and CBR1000 Fireblades. Decked out with quasi-neon red rims on an otherwise black frame, the Pegasus uses a customized Yamaha SR400 tank, its gasses moving through two-in-one style headers. Similar a Deus Kawasaki W650 they’ve built previously, the bike sports a 21″ wheel in the front and a 17″ wheel in back. Other bells and whistles include the muffler’s brilliantly white coating, LED warning lights, Bates-style head light, custom bars, mirrors and battery box, and the coil-spring seat stitched in black leather. Hit up the Deus’ site on your way to Sydney, Australia for enquiries.

Check out the rear view of the Deus Ex Machina “Pegasus” Motorcycle after the Jump…

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