5 Sep
Barbie Lagerfeld rocking the world's smallest fingerless gloves

German-born, Paris-living fashion lord Karl Lagerfeld is ruling more than the Chanel label these days. He’s also taking toystore shelves to the catwalk. Mattel makes a highly limited edition Barbie dressed up like a Lagerfeld lookalike styled exactly like the fashion icon — ankle boots, slacks, tailored jacket, high-collar white shirt, black satin cravat, silver ponytail and fingerless gloves, natch. Seeing as they’re only making 999 of the highly stylized dolls, the Karl Lagerfeld Barbie will undoubtedly be a must-have to all toy collectors. Although the Barbie will be making many appearances at New York Fashion Week next, you’ll want to keep an eye on the Barbie collectors’ site for your chance to drop $200 on one (hint: it will be available for purchase on September 29).

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