Whattup kindly readers! Not only have we been dealing with some internal issues as we switched providers, but this all happened as we were commissioned to write a story on scuba diving in Grenada. Bullshit, you say? We swear it’s true! And the story — as well as a constant stream of new content — will be coming after we return next Monday, October 6th. Well, the Grenada feature may take some extra time but new content will begin posting on Monday. Until then, enjoy some of our awesome evergreen content like our features on Reggieknow, the World’s First Action Figure Stylist, and marathon swimmer Steve Redmond. Or even that time we drove Jaguar’s landmark F-Type Roadster all over Italy. Or rededicate yourself to discovering the perfect IPA. Or spend some time with your kids. Or spend some time getting drunk with your kids — who knows, it’s up to you. Regardless, we’ll be back fresher than ever soon enough. Till then!

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