24 Sep
1st LP release since "Drukgs" 13 years ago is kind of a big deal

Sure Richard D. James has been doing other things with his musical time under different monikers in the last thirteen years, but as far as the Aphex Twin we all revere him to be, it’s been a long fucking time. A true groundbreaker in the world of electronic/intelligent dance music in a way that has inspired oodles of artists across musical genres, it’s no wonder his return is so warmly welcomed. And now, as prefaced a couple weeks ago when the “Minipops 67” first single dropped, his full LP Syro is finally here. When Rolling Stone asked Mr. James about his feelings on the album, his answer was as it should be: “Horny. I’m feeling really horny about it. And very smug.” If a little Syro gets you feeling just as sassy in the pants, go ‘head and get on it below…


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