2 Sep
Latest in homemaking booze that pairs well with tuna tataki

If you and your drank are like white on rice, then have we got the DIY booze-making kit for you. The Norse Hutchens sake-making kit claims to simplify a potentially complex spirit-crafting process, giving you the most authentic Japanese drink kit that a company out of Illinois — or your bathtub — can offer. Basically you just add some rice and sugar, by way of the following included components: gallon glass carboy, cane siphon, siphon filter cap, siphon clip, tubing, stopper, airlock, yeast, Campden tablets, acid blend, no-rinse sanitizer, steeping bags, short-grain high polished rice, yeast energizer and fermenting bucket. Check out the Norse Hutchens Etsy page for other homemaking kits, or get your own homemade sake-brewing kit for $57.

A look at the full Norse Hutchens Sake Making Kit after the Jump…

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