16 Sep
"A simple board with the whole world as an available surface."

Rick Owens, a high-fashion magnate prone to street wear inspiration, has taken his sights to the skateboard world with the RICKBOARD deck. Hence comes the title of “RICKBOARD” with the letters deliberately capped, because this board is too big time for the lower cases. Its worn appearance is probably due to the deck being made from petrified wood, its look deliberately simple, harkening back to the homemade ramps of plywood the designer remembers from his youth. If you’re looking for a deck that is too gentle  — and expensive  — to actually ever dare touch to a curb, then hit the artist’s Selfridges store, and be ready to drop over $15,000. That’s a pretty penny for a display-only deck where the only drop in you’ll be doing is that of dollars.

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