4 Sep
Tomorrow Kings Catcher to ship in December

3A Toys has a burning question for you: Who is this gigantic blade swinging Yoshitsune cat, and when can you get him? To answer your first question, best ripped from the source itself: “If memories were real, and they seldom are –  you would hold a drink high in his memory… If you could remember… you would remember a cat that sings and says fuck, a guy who cant find himself but can stop Death with a touch, and an orange robot that was once a…” Got it? Good, now that that’s settled, as to the when you can get your hands on Yoshitsune, “the Heavy Duty Slicer”: well, you already blew it. Preorders began the morning of September 1st with a $145 price point and, as can be expected of the highly fanatical 3A Toys fan base, shut down by the next day. But at least you can hold a drink high in his memory… and now go look for it on eBay.

Full shot of 3A Toys’ incredibly detailed “Yoshitsune” of the 7 Bones figure below…

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