Taschen has brought us stunning visual reference material on all the finer crevasses of the Humanities, from high art to film and even a little classic vintage cheesecake pin-up. But one topic that every intellectual and pervert alike can appreciate is making a ruckus about the tucchus, or waxing poetic at the new moon. That said, it is high time you welcome The Big Butt Book in 3D — a tasteful homage to the booty — to your reference collection. That is if you hadn’t already, the last time Taschen had a little run-in with the onion. But this time around, things have been taken up a notch, with Taschen’s line of “touchable temptations” being released in glorious, almost tangible 3-D. New images have been added, along with the 3-D technology of the Brain Factory. Edited by a master at men’s magazines and other bodacious books such as this one, Dian Hanson, The Big Butt Book in 3D is 220 pages of awesome and comes with 3-D glasses. Jump on the caboose for $40.

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