Everyone knows that a beer tastes better off the tap. Everyone also knows that most beers that come in green bottles taste like a nice, light, frothy pour of total ass. At least Heineken, not really our favorite. But now, thanks to Marc Newson (Sub creator and designer friend to Apple products), you can toss the away the green bottle and slightly improve the taste of ass. Pour as you go in the amount of your preference — no more fallen soldiers of flat beer. Pressurised modules called Torps hold up to two liters of beer, and any amount less than that. The Sub beer machine’s two full beer limit makes its capacity four short of a six pack, so perhaps this machine might be more aptly named as the Subpar if you’re looking for more than a couple Heinies. But have no fear, the Sub will give your two beers a tap-fresh taste for up to fifteen days. Although frankly, if it takes you fifteen days to drink two beers, you probably aren’t the best person to be investing in beer machines. Much props to Krups for making a Mac Pro Keurig for all your two iBeer needs. Should release in the UK next year some time at around the $400 mark. In the mean time, if you can’t hack it in a can, go tip your bartender.

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