7 Oct
A custom bike formed from a Buell x1 Lightning


The Sartorie Meccaniche manifesto is founded in contemporary simplicity, as they explain: “We try to fuse elegance and sportivness, inspired by the old glory days with a hint of contemporary design.” The minimalist approach to motorcycle building in this instance translates into the Belva, a new powerful but very tasteful two-wheeler. Built from the foundation of a rare Buell x1 Lightning, Sartorie Meccaniche transformed the Belva into a true cafe racer. Especially notable about this refined beast is its tailor-made rear end, its fiberglass tank and its engine — which was originally fuel injected but was then swapped to a single giant carburetor. For more on how to park the Belva in your garage, hit ’em up directly.

Get a better look at the Sartorie Meccaniche Belva Motorcycle after the Jump…




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