If you’ve ever been looking for the fine taste of whisky that can only be mastered over the span of a decade, but all you have is one day and a bottle of Jack, fret not. Now you can stir in the smoky hints of aged oak barrel — steeped with a cellar’s years of history and flavor — right into your cup with the magical Time & Oak Whisky twig stirrer. Think of this as a time machine for your tumbler glass. A shotglass microwave.

Because the Time & Oak guys figured out that those two very things — time and oak — are the only real components which make one whisky better than another. Unlike wine, liquor itself doesn’t age any differently in flavor, but rather it is the wood itself that does the trick. Put your barrel on fast forward when you grab a decent whisky and dunk it with a stick that is as oaky, vanilla, maple, smoky, peaty, or whatever woodsiness you prefer best. Give it a day instead of a year, and then enjoy the instant-ish aging process at play in your cup. So if you don’t have nine years to spare, kick in on their Kickstarter. Funding goes until October 31st. Shipping should be about December.

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