For fans of Intelligent Dance Music, the release of Aphex Twin’s Syro album in September was a moment of great audio bliss. And now Richard D. James has released 30 more previously unreleased tracks — some are early drafts of tracks from Syro, while other are more experimental synth sounds/loops created at his studio. The latter are essentially James-created tools for other producers to use in creating their own music, which is quite a kind move by the vaunted producer. As FACT magazine notes, “Among them is a collection of over 20 completed tracks made about 12 years ago on Buchla and Serge modular synthesizers, which Richard D. James aptly describes as ‘a fucking racket’.” Well one man’s racket is another man’s paintbrush. Below are just a sampling of three tunes, but if you want more head directly to Aphex Twin’s Soundcloud page for the full stack.

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