God bless the interwebs. Really, every once in awhile something so awesome pops up on these interconnected series of tubes that you just marvel you’re living in the modern age. Such is the case when we stumbled across this First Demo — Fugazi’s demo tapes while the band prepared to record their eponymous first studio EP. Seminal is an understatement; what would become 13 Songs — the album made when the band combined their Fugazi and Margin Walker EPs — is one of the greatest albums of all time. It was also the album that defined the “post-hardcore” sound, and along with Quicksand’s Slip are the definitive recordings of that era. Ian MacKaye’s Dischord Records put the studio EP out in 1988, and so they’re now kind enough to release the much rougher-sounding First Demo LP some 18 years later (fuck, we’re getting old). Enough talk though, time to play. Enjoy, universe! First Demo is out now via Dischord — pick it up!

Stream First Demo, below, and hit the Jump for full tracklist…

First Demo Tracklist:

01 Waiting Room
02 Merchandise
03 Furniture
04 Song #1
05 The Word
06 Badmouth
07 Break-In
08 Turn Off Your Guns
09 And the Same
10 In Defense of Humans
11 Joe #1

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