12 Dec
Latest from Brooklyn-based experimental electronic artist


Imagine someone recording snow as it hits the pavement, turning the timbre way down low and the volume way up and you might have goste’s new EP “Eugene”. The acclaimed Brooklyn-based experimental electronic artist is currently wrapping up a tour that took him from the gusty north Williamsburg heart of his home base in Brooklyn to the depths of Boston’s urbane Chinatown (see remaining tour dates below). Track 1 of his newly released “Eugene” EP, “Loaded Like A Pistol”,  contains elements of folkloric 90s grunge, it has that sad earthy quality of say… The Scud Mountain Boys… intermingling with the electronic synthetic mindset of say… Burial or James Blake… that evaporated immortality of the machines. goste’s songs are for nightclubs in winter time, the kind of nightclub that only seems clean because it’s dark and cold.

Goste is a rarity on the electronic music scene because he is one of a few that uses his own “Tom Waitsian” vocals over his experimental electronic tracks, similar to the previously mentioned Mr. Blake. His live shows include instrumentation.  After touring the US and Europe in support of his 2013 record Deleted Scenes, goste returns with “Eugene.” Check out the live version of track 1, “Loadedlikeapistol”, off the new EP. It’s pretty dope.

Watch the “Loadedlikeapistol” video below…

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