After the second world war when the Iron Curtain “descended across the continent” soon followed by the chilly mystery of the Cold War. It would be 40 years until that wall came down, and to this day, much of life on the Other Side has remained just as enigmatic. In fact, the Wende Museum is a one-of-a-kind collection of artifacts and memorial to cultural history; it is the Cold War museum.Written and edited  by museum Founder and Executive Director, Justinian Jampol, Art and Artifacts From the GDR dedicates nearly 1,000 pages to the detailing of 2,500 objects, 56-page family scrapbook, contributions from scholars worldwide and the work of the GDR’s most prominent photographer in addition to multimedia additions such as recordings and video. The 904-page hardbound book with ribbon bookmark stands as the almanac of information regarding East Germany. Pre-order now for $150. Copies available sometime in December.

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