Remember when central Florida ruled the dance scene with an ecstasy-laced Mickey Mouse glove? Don’t lie, most people don’t either. But it happened. Orlando and Tampa for a brief, delicious, 8-up moment ruled the underground dancefloor with a distinct sound that could only be identified as “Funky Breaks”, aka Florida Breaks. Hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago. But don’t tell the Phat Kidz, aka DJ Nikita (Nikki Hernandez) and DJ Tweezy (JT Williams). With 12 years of vinyl spinning under their collective belts, the Central Florida duo teamed up in April of 2013 and started DJing and producing as Phat Kidz, and anyone who loves bass, 808s and breaks should be tickled orange. Their one-hour podcast for The Armory, the 68th in the series, can be heard below featuring many of their own remixes, including rerubs of Rick Ross, Skrillex, GTA and more. Enjoy in your headphones this weekend as you run around buying last minute gifts… or all your gifts, if you’re anywhere as procrastinating as us…

Play Phat Kidz “The Armory Podcast 068” below, and hit the Jump for full track list…

Phat Kidz “The Armory Podcast 068” Tracklist

1. Tropkillaz x Phat Kidz Baby Baby (TECN!Q Twerk to Breaks Transition)
2. Slick Trilla – Full Metal Rachet (Phat Kidz Remix)
3. Dotcom ft. Yultron – Drunk Girls (Phat Kidz Up In/Out Edit)
4. Tropkillaz – Dat Booty (Phat Kidz Edit)
5. Zooly – Bombs (Phat Kidz Transition Edit)
6. Rick Ross x Danny Diggz – Marble Floor (Effin Right Rub)(Phat Kidz Extended Mix)
7. Skrillex – Dirty Vibe (Lo iQ? Remix)
8. Poisovnd – Total 90 Ravers
9. Natrual Born Chillers – Rock the Funky Beats (Bird Peterson Remix)(Dj Hero ReRub)
10. Dirt Monkey – Pull Up (Phat Kidz ReBump)
11. Fuckbazz – Disko Fever (Phat Kidz Remix)
12. Hipshaker – Bad Girls need Love to (Phat Kidz Transition Edit)
13. As Tequileiras Do Funk – Surra De Bunda (Dj Hero ReRub)
14. GTA – Booty Bounce (Jesse Slater x Curtis B BassRub)
15. 2Pac ft. Dr. Dre – California Love (FM-3 breaks Mix)
16. Bella – Broke Ass
17. Sir Wynn Vega – Pretty Boot (Jaco Garner’s Bass Mix)
18. COMBO! & Boot Action – The Horn Dance
19. SuperFly Jeff & Rhythmic Bliss – Booty Pop (Phat Kidz Remix)

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