29 Dec
We're officially on break — see y'all next year!

We here at Lost In A Supermarket would like to wish our readers a Merry Christmas and wishes for an amazing, fulfilling & fruitful 2015! Or Happy Holidays, if you worship Crom, Zeus, Christopher Hitchens or some other great spirit. Thank you all for coming to LIAS on a regular basis and hopefully enjoying our output — I know it’s not with the prolificness that it once was, and the site hasn’t been running as well as we’d like — we’re working on it, we swear! — but we appreciate you all sweating it out with us. OK, enough talk — we’re officially on break! We’re all gonna regroup for next week, drink a small case of Woodford Reserve Masters Collection Bourbon and cue up a season of Peep Show on Netflix — it’s been a long year, we’ve earned it! Till then folks…

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