6 Jan
UK's supercar gets the classic blue-and-orange treatment


Designed after its legendary predecessor the McClaren F1 from decades ago — a car still noteworthy as a supervehicle ahead of its time — the McClaren P1 already stood on its own in dopeness. How can one improve on such a vehicle? Well, if you’re a random rich dude, you get one custom made in a revival of the Gulf Oil colors, that’s how. The classic blue and orange accents continue beyond the exterior to accents on the interior dash, seats and controls. No other changes were made to the P1 which still tops off at 217mph. The millionaire car owner is Miles Nadal, founder of the marketing firm MDC Partners. There is no news as to how much the car cost him, though it was surely a pretty, pretty penny.

Hit the road in the custom McClaren P1 Gulf after the Jump…






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