6 Feb
Where drum & bass, trap & hip-hop collide


By WMC 2001 (or was it ’02?) I was already growing tired of the endless “look at me” DJs playing the usual schlock of dribble while endlessly waving their hands in the air. I suddenly began to realize that I did not give a shit. Then I caught Ming & FS performing live at OM Records annual throw down and I got my groove back, Stella style.

Aside from the fact that you had 2 DJ/Producers wrecking the decks with DMC-level turntable skills, they also broke out guitars and mashed up Michael Jackson & Sabbath before I knew what a mashup was. They also delivered a unique twist on drum & bass and hip-hop that hooked me like a holy mackerel and made me a fan for life.

Flash forward 15 years later and that dynamic duo of Ming & FS have split up, but lucky for us they have continued to deliver fresh beats to your digital doorstep.

Today’s catch is “GEARS”, the latest from FS on his Patriarch Recordings label courtesy of none other than Reid Speed’s Play Me Records. Gears is a killer EP fueled by FS trademark urban hip-hop vibes, trap beats and hi energy dancefloor grooves nicely balanced with thoughtful melodies, nuclear bomb drops, and irresistible hooks that will rock you like a hurricane — there’s a great dirty .

Stream FS’s Gears below, and if you like what you hear, buy the EP via iTunes or Beatport.

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