It could totally happen: You’re going to be trapped on a deserted island and you can only bring one thing. If that’s how this desert-island thing works, then you should probably bring the one thing that is all the things in one. Zubin has got its finger on the pulse of the survivalist scene, so if you’re aching to live a life that’s a little Castaway, it’s time to drop the backpack and grab your walking staff. AKA the Zubin Survival Axe Complete Kit. Finally, the hiking fanatic can have it all. What starts as a nice, Gandalf-y, 60″ hickory-wood staff gets next level when it comes time for its numerous attachments. Which are as follows: Axe for chopping wood, enemies and possibly Babadook; Compass for non-getting-lost-as-a-psycho-outdoorman; Fishing Spear for all your salmon-harpooning needs; Hunting Spear, because the other blades just weren’t enough; Saw Blade for lumber and zombie necks; Slingshot for deterring neighboring campers and the occasional urban pigeon; Full & Short Handle to give comfort to someone like you who clearly cares little for comfort; Attachments Pouch for storing weird survival toy bits; and of course, the T-Handle Allen Tool, because changing out wildnerness axe-heads can be a bitch. Cut off your wildman beard with your choice of axe or saw for merely $320.

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