Why build a lopsided breakable toy handgun like a big boy when you can build it like a bad ass? Everything is better in gold! Except, perhaps, for teeth. Think Geek (the makers of totally important and necessary stuff like a Star Trek phaser remote control and the ability to make Zen ice cubes) wants you to bling out your desktop like it’s Fort Knox with this 24k gold executive building brick set. No, these are not technically LEGOs, but yes, they are real gold. Well, gold plated, that is. Each set includes eight, eight-studded bricks that — yes, to answer what has to be any sane person’s most pressing question — will totally fit your regular but real LEGOs made of real plastic. Perfect for a desk toy or adding something extra to your bad ass LEGO gun. Midas touch your toy box for $25 for each set.


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