One of the Madman’s Very Unofficial Top Ten Films Of All Time, without a doubt, is Fight Club. Based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk and brilliantly manifested for the screen by David Fincher, Fight Club was the type of film that defied categorization, somehow addressing and articulating the inexplicable, inchoate anxiety and bullshit and disenchantment of the Modern American Life. It was fucking genius. Now, nearly two decades after the book and 16 years after the film, Palahniuk resurrects The Narrator, now known as Sebastian, and his sidekick Tyler Durden for a 10-comic miniseries illustrated by Cameron Stewart. Playboy was kind enough to preview the first 6 pages (and cover, above), and we’re stoked to share it with you. This could definitely pave the road to a Fight Club film sequel, although who knows how good/awful/disappointing/amazing it would be. For now, enjoy Fight Club 2, the comic, below…

See the next 5 pages of the “Fight Club 2” graphic novel after the Jump…








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