Whether you’re a practical packer on the go, or the total lush in a hurry, it’s time to wrap your drink holders around god’s gift to winos — the Oak Bottle. If you have gotten to the point where insta-aging your booze with a stick should require even less effort than waving a magical cocktail wand around, you’re in luck. Because why age in an oak barrel when you can do it in an oak bottle? Now you’ll never have to depend on the wonderful wizening accents of time alone to do all the dirty work on your whisky.

While there is a full line up of Oak Bottle products, one master infuser will run you $80 and comes with bottle, cork and two ounces of barrel wax. Other options include the mini oak, or a variety of flavor notes that range from cherry to coffee to smoky to vanilla and more. Try it on either wine or whisky. Here’s to a bit of genie-wishing in the bottle for everyone.

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