We are Lost In A Supermarket.

Lost In A Supermarket is not a website. We are not a blog. We are not a fanzine, magazine, tabloid or journal.

Lost In A Supermarket is a collective of artists, writers, designers, businessmen, filmmakers and cultural assassins who know what it means to be the ideal modern man.

…and do nothing about it.

We know that making fun of stupid shit is not only fun, but absolutely necessary. We know that The Big Lebowski, Conan the Barbarian and City of God are good. We know that The Truth About Cats & Dogs, Pearl Harbor and anything with Nicolas Cage after Leaving Las Vegas sucks dick.

We know music is the universal salve.

Lost In A Supermarket does not trust the government. Aliens? Maybe. We’ll keep our minds open on that one.

We are a portal between the general populace and what is sloppy and fun and good and tight in the world. We are a gateway between the haves and the have-nots. We are a filter between the Civilians and all the cultural detritus they need to be protected from.

We are the Vampire Hunters, High School Misfits and Weapons of Choice.

We know those who take advantage of our culture for purely commercial gain deserve to be snuffed out. We smell a rat. We never squeal. Fuck a stool pigeon, snitch.

We know what’s up.

We are your friends.

We are Lost In A Supermarket.

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