What do you get you when you combine a bedside lamp and a book rest? The cleverly designed outline of a house that doubles as a low heat-emitting reading lamp. When you’re ready to hit the sack or go grab a drink from the fridge, simply leave your book open to whatever page you’re up […]

20 Jan
Truly creative lighting from Brooklyn-based artist

I’ll be honest with you, I like KAWS’ work but I also think he’s a bit guilty of being one of those guys who rehashes his same idea in different colorways or slightly different design and calls it a collaboration. Such is clearly not the case for this collabo with Standard Hotel, where he takes […]

27 Oct
Tas-ka's creative paper lights

Dutch company Tas-ka, has been around for over 6 years. Their specialty? Well it started out with handbags, but now its moved on to all sorts of kitschy homemade-style items. This paper crane lamp is just one example of the crafty things the company has come up with. Hundreds of paper cranes, in different colors […]

3 Jun
Flat Light not only looks like a desklamp, butit does its job as well

The ultra thin and ultra clever Flat Light poster is simplicity distilled. Designed by Finn Magee of the UK, it is simply a 16.5″ x 23.5″ printed poster of a desklamp outfitted with LED lights to make it a light source you can tack onto your wall just about anywhere. The light it emanates is […]

These solar-powered LED lights by Miniwiz illustrate the true potential of design intersecting ingenuity. Re-purposing the ubiquitous plastic bottle — that heinous bane of the enviroment — into a usable light source, Miniwiz have transformed a liability into an asset. You just screw the LED lights in place of the cap and leave it outside. […]

10 Nov
Nothing too complicated… but I like the creativity

These two products from Chris Kabel caught my eye. The Seam Chair, which is bag tailored to the shape of a chair is filled with sand and put in an oven under extreme pressure. After some baking the sand id taken out leaving a hollow super strong chair made out of only polypropylene (a cheap, […]

We’ve got a thing for unique lighting. In all it’s forms like this and this and this and this and this and this. And we really like this Flat Lighting by DMO Design Studio out of Seoul, South Korea. Industrial design at its finest. The light uses LEDs, which allows it to be super slim. […]