27 Aug
We'll be back next Tuesday, after Labor Day

Hello fine LIAS readers — you may have noticed that we’ve not been posting with the regularity that we usually do, and perhaps you’ve also noticed that our image galleries have not been functioning correctly. This blows, we know. We have switched server hosting services and are undergoing a major move, so we have to [...]

15 Aug
We're switching servers & will be back next Monday with new content!

We were trying to find that “Please Stand By: Technical Difficulties” image from The Simpsons — you know, the one where the camera guy’s all drunk, and kicks the cable out unintentionally? But couldn’t find one that wasn’t all blurry so we’ll have to go with the traditional color bars above. While not actually undergoing [...]

4 Jul
Sayonarah suckers, & see you all on Monday...

We came here to do two things: chew bubble gum and celebrate America. And since we’re all out of bubble gum, we’re gonna switch over to Lagunitas IPA, a handle of Maker’s Mark, about 20 pounds in Mexican fireworks and enough raw meat to re-assemble an entire cow. Thanks for reading everyone, we’re gonna take [...]

16 Jun
We'll be back on Monday, June 23rd...

Okay folks, we’re taking this week off. As in, completely unplugging. We’re gonna share our 2-part 48 Hours at the Monaco Grand Prix feature, and after that you won’t be hearing a single tweet from us as we jet off to Cape Cod for some seriously needed boozing and self medication R&R. We’re giving the whole team [...]

26 May
See y'all tomorrow...

Happy Memorial Day everyone, we’ll be back at work tomorrow. Till then, take a moment to tip a beer for all those that sacrificed so that we can eat hot dogs and drink Fat Tires till we’re bloated and sleepy. Cheers!

14 Mar
We'll lead you to Full Metal Glory.

Join us on Twitter and/or Facebook, & we’ll turn back the evil Nazi tide together…

21 Feb
Who are you to resist our loyal dog-like appeal?

Hit us up on Twitter and/or Facebook, and we’ll love you forever and ever…

17 Feb
It's not just about Lincoln, Washington & Clinton you know

It’s that time of year where we take a moment to thank great men like Van Buren, Polk, Fillmore, Taft and Chester A. Arthur, men who boldly lead us into the future and shaped America into the great country it is today. Where, I ask you, would we be without the great Rivers and Harbors Act, [...]

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