Nike updates its red-hot Flyway Lunar 3 running shoes with its latest collection for Spring/Summer 2015. The four colorway options consist of an onbré gradient of one of the following verbose blends: Black/Midnight Fog/Wolf Grey/White; Black/Blue Lagoon/Ice Cube Blue/White; Classic Charcoal/Dark Grey/Bright Citrus/Total Orange; or  Black/Bright Crimson/University Red/White. Bragging points include light and supportive plush Lunarlon foam in the heel cushion, the lightweight and seamless fit of the Flyway upper, the snugness of Dynamic Fit technology and the promise of durability of carbon rubber along the heel. Series also released in women’s options. Available online tomorrow (March 5th) for $150.


Why build a lopsided breakable toy handgun like a big boy when you can build it like a bad ass? Everything is better in gold! Except, perhaps, for teeth. Think Geek (the makers of totally important and necessary stuff like a Star Trek phaser remote control and the ability to make Zen ice cubes) wants you to bling out your desktop like it’s Fort Knox with this 24k gold executive building brick set. No, these are not technically LEGOs, but yes, they are real gold. Well, gold plated, that is. Each set includes eight, eight-studded bricks that — yes, to answer what has to be any sane person’s most pressing question — will totally fit your regular but real LEGOs made of real plastic. Perfect for a desk toy or adding something extra to your bad ass LEGO gun. Midas touch your toy box for $25 for each set.


25 Feb
UK supercar maker unveils its latest opus ahead of Geneva


Long respected in the world of professional motorsport, McLaren Automotive successfully transitioned into the world of production cars with the introduction of the MP4-12C in 2011. In only its third year the company notched a profit, an unheard of achievement in the hyper-competitive world of upper echelon street rockets.

Which isn’t surprising, after all, considering McLaren originally entered the “street” car game back in 1993 with the legendary F1 — what many consider the greatest four-wheeled vehicle ever brought to life. Not only was it the world’s first supercar, but the million-dollar F1 was engineered exploiting McLaren’s three-decade-plus experience in Formula One (hence the “F1” moniker). The F1 featured engineering never before seen on a streetcar — such as a carbon fiber monocoque tub and central seating position.

Today, a little over a week before the 85th installment of the illustrious Geneva Motor Show, McLaren lifts the sheets on its latest tech-bristling opus: the 675LT. On a stated (and quite ambitious) mission to release one new car every year, McLaren’s 675LT is being billed as a successor to the spectacular 650S. While more like a mid-cycle refresh than a new model — one taking place only one year after the debut of the 650S — the 675LT sheds 220 lbs. from its already lithe frame. This weight loss is mostly accomplished by adding a handful of more carbon fiber bits, such as an extended front splitter and extended door blades. The 675LT claims it has 33% new parts upgraded from its predecessor, including twin titanium exhaust pipes and a massive carbon fiber Airbrake wing that is 50% larger than the 650S’s, yet sheds weight due to its material construction.

The name for the 675LT derives from the 1995 Le Mans-winning F1 GT “Long Tail”, a very rare (and valuable) racetrack-focused version of the F1 that sported a massive rear spoiler. Like its inspiration, the 675LT is a heavily track-focused car, but unlike the F1 GT the 675LT is totally street legal.

With all its stripping down, the new McLaren weighs in at just 2,711 lbs (1,230kg), while its twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 has been tweaked to generate a peak power output of 666 bhp (675PS). That’s 25 more horses than the 650S, resulting in a nearly peerless power-to-weight ratio of 4 lbs per bhp. Expect the 675LT to burst from a standstill all the way to 124 mph in a blistering 7.9 seconds (or 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds, like the 650S), en route to a 205 mph (330 km/h) top speed.


The Big Question:

Does the 675LT really update enough to warrant a model differentiation from the 650S?

Disrupt Your Feed:

Owners of the MP4-12C were not thrilled when McLaren unexpectedly unveiled the 650S, sending resale values of their supercars plummeting. Is it possible the 675LT will do the same to the 650S?

Just The Facts:

McLaren is breaking up its small line-up into two groups. The “Super Series” includes the Asia-only 625C, the 650S and now the top-tier 675LT, while its upcoming “Sport Series” will aim to be a more affordable entry into the brand. Its first offering will be revealed this April at the 2015 New York Auto Show.

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25 Feb
The welcome return of Liam Howlett & company


So glad to hear Prodigy back, and not just back but knocking it out of the park. No evolution, no reaching into territory they have no place reaching — just pure, unadulterated breaks, distorted guitar, yelling and, of course, a crazy ass video. God bless Liam Howlett.


It could totally happen: You’re going to be trapped on a deserted island and you can only bring one thing. If that’s how this desert-island thing works, then you should probably bring the one thing that is all the things in one. Zubin has got its finger on the pulse of the survivalist scene, so if you’re aching to live a life that’s a little Castaway, it’s time to drop the backpack and grab your walking staff. AKA the Zubin Survival Axe Complete Kit. Finally, the hiking fanatic can have it all. What starts as a nice, Gandalf-y, 60″ hickory-wood staff gets next level when it comes time for its numerous attachments. Which are as follows: Axe for chopping wood, enemies and possibly Babadook; Compass for non-getting-lost-as-a-psycho-outdoorman; Fishing Spear for all your salmon-harpooning needs; Hunting Spear, because the other blades just weren’t enough; Saw Blade for lumber and zombie necks; Slingshot for deterring neighboring campers and the occasional urban pigeon; Full & Short Handle to give comfort to someone like you who clearly cares little for comfort; Attachments Pouch for storing weird survival toy bits; and of course, the T-Handle Allen Tool, because changing out wildnerness axe-heads can be a bitch. Cut off your wildman beard with your choice of axe or saw for merely $320.

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13 Feb
Defender of the Universe & stander of desktops


For all you Voltron nerds, it’s time to get your G0Lion on thanks to the geeks at Think Geek. You know, the geniuses that made these super spiritual ice dudes possible. Aside from being a little 4″ super-deformed Voltron figure (as if that wasn’t enough), this trinket comes with a shitload of features such as 25 articulations, three changeable faces and light-up LED eyes plus swords, shield and stand. Get your Lion Force for only $80.

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9 Feb
Celebrating SNL 's 40th anniversary, live from your coffee table


If you’ve ever so much as turned on a television (even a an old-fashioned boob tube, with dials on it and rabbit ears), you remember Saturday Night Live, the homestead of so many of the greats of contemporary comedy—the iconic sketch show born back in 1975 that has been alive longer than most of the comedic actors who now appear on it.

SNL is now 40 years strong so it is no wonder that it has, quite literally, set the stage for an intensely long list of stars who got their first big shots in the spotlight. Among them have been, in no particular order: Jon Belushi, Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner, Dan Akroyd, Eddie Murphy and Bill Murray. Also, Mike Myers, Will Farrell, Adam Sandler, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Farley, Fred Armisen and Bill Hader.  Martin Short and Tina Fey. Hell, even Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Elliot passed through.

Now you can own the book that is clearly the course catalog of contemporary American comics. Written and edited by Alison Castle (NYU and Columbia University graduate as well as recurring Taschen film-and-photography editor) Saturday Night Live: the Book serves as the show’s encyclopedic reference, with over 2,300 images, a complete reference guide by season detailing cast and guests, and an interview with executive producer Lorne Michaels. A must-have for anyone serious about comedy. Hardcover, 500 pages, and comes with ribbon bookmarks for  $50.

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Levi’s, the all-American go-to brand for anything even remotely denim related, has teamed up with Japanese fashion guru Junya Watanabe for a Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Together, they are reinventing the traditional jean jacket. Part of Watanabe’s “Man” line, the jacket above is called “Patchwork” for obvious reasons. The patchwork pattern itself is based on boro, which is a traditional patchwork style that goes back in Japanese peasantry longer than denim does for America’s. The denim itself is 87% Cotton, 8% Wool, 5% Linen, with patches ranging in materials. Put your patch on now for a pretty penny of $2,088



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