Imagine Claude VonStroke’s 2009 track “MonsterIsland” as the soundtrack blasting in a transformative yet alien environment you’re appearing in for the first time. You’d be about 10 times more stoked to be there. Hit the fast forward button to 2015, and VonStroke & Co’s Dirtybird record label is now 10 years old all grown up from its humble beginnings in San Francisco’s Lower Haight. As VonStroke explains in his own words, “I can distinctly remember hand stamping vinyl promos at home with my friend Fernando and trying to figure out the best way to mail them to Europe.” The Soundcloud playlist below is a preview of the upcoming Dirtybird 10 release celebrating their 10 year anniversary, with tracks from likes of Justin Martin & Ardalan, Eats Everything, Breach & Oliver Dollar, Catz & Dogz, Shiba and of course plenty of Claude VonStroke himself. These are all dancefloor stompers, strobelight in effect. Dirtybird 10 compiles exciting and crafty music that makes a woodpile of many genres and ties them together with twine made of House, and barrel made of techno.

Preview their upcoming January 27th release below and read the track list after the Jump…


8 Jan
Upgrade your bunny slippers in Spring/Summer 2015


Buscemi, the luxury brand most often associated with expensive hightop sneakers, will soon be the luxury brand associated with expensive slippers, once the Jon Buscemi leather slip-on sandals drop off the foot and onto store floors. Given the slipper style, it’s probably safe to guess that we won’t be seeing these until the warmer months of 2015. The slippers are detailed throughout in fancy pebbled leather and finished with the brand’s logo on the upper in gold-foil print. Soon you’ll be able to walk around poolside or in the gym shower in class. The price remains a mystery, but it is probably safe to assume you can probably hock a sandal if you ever need to make rent.

8 Jan
Selim Verol's "punked" Winston Churchill sculpture


Winston Churchill, WWII hero and legend responsible for super-smart world-leader-y quotes like “I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly,” has made his way to the work of art collector Selim Verol.

Smurf War Church-ill was created as a deliberate political commentary and as a shout-out to Banksy’s “Turf War” stencil of a mohawked Churchill that arose after the riots defaced the ex-Prime Minister’s statue back in 2000. Though this first 77-piece limited edition run may be limited to depicting Churchy in “Smurf” blue with a white mohawk, rumor has it that even more limited-edition runs in other colors will be released in the futures. Maybe an Azrael yellow or Gargamel pink…? Get this papa smurf-ill shipped to your door for just under $300.


Persol have been a big name in eyewear since 1917, rocked by all-time megastars such as Greta Garbo and Steve McQueen. Also known for their high-performance durability, Persols have been worn in weather conditions ranging from vertiginous snow caps to desert sands to the astronauts of NASA catching rays in outer space.

Now their classic, most iconic styles have been streamlined into the 9714 range. Persol 9714 foldable eyewear is reminiscent of other styles, only now you have slimmer, ligther, better glasses with foldable frame. Other bragging points of the Persol 9714’s include touch-to-scratch lenses, folding metal hinges and polarized lenses. Handmade in Italy, the available styles are as follows: Tera di SienaTobacco VirginiaBlack or Caffe with prices starting just under $300 for a pair.

Peep some folded Persol peepers after the Jump…




Luxury pen maker Montegrappa has been making writing instruments for almost a century. And DC Comics has been making comics since the golden comic-book era in 1935. So perhaps this lineage justifies the inception of Montegrappa x DC Comics “Heroes & Villains” Pen collection. Well, that and the fact that  you might just feel a little cheap trying to emulate Bruce Wayne with a Bic or the Penguin with a #2 pencil.

The comic-inspired pens started initially with a Batman pen, and after considerable success, a full range of heroes and villain’s have been added to the inkwell. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern make the heroes list, while Joker, Penguin, Catwoman and the Riddler are the villain lineup. Each character has superpower ink-jot options in fountain, rollerball and ballpoint-pen varieties. Available wherever super-fancy pens, cufflinks and exorbitantly priced man trinkets are sold.

6 Jan
UK's supercar gets the classic blue-and-orange treatment


Designed after its legendary predecessor the McClaren F1 from decades ago — a car still noteworthy as a supervehicle ahead of its time — the McClaren P1 already stood on its own in dopeness. How can one improve on such a vehicle? Well, if you’re a random rich dude, you get one custom made in a revival of the Gulf Oil colors, that’s how. The classic blue and orange accents continue beyond the exterior to accents on the interior dash, seats and controls. No other changes were made to the P1 which still tops off at 217mph. The millionaire car owner is Miles Nadal, founder of the marketing firm MDC Partners. There is no news as to how much the car cost him, though it was surely a pretty, pretty penny.

Hit the road in the custom McClaren P1 Gulf after the Jump…



6 Jan
Iconic workout shoe revived with Natural Motion technology


The Nike Air Huarache was born back in ’91 as Nike’s first running shoe not to have a structural heel counter. And now, the Nike Air Huarache NM hits the track after receiving the same “Natural Motion” treatment that first made the Nike Free model such a lighter-than-air athletic shoe a few years back. The combination in technology sounds like something that may leave your Achilles heel vulnerable, but it’s light as clouds in a way that Hermes might rock. The upper is colored in “lagoon blue” with a breathable mesh toe, and the accents throughout — including Huarache-defining ankle strap — are detailed in crimson. Also has Ortholite sockliner and a gray IU outsole with deep flex grooves for extra flexibility. Get a pair for about $160.

We here at Lost In A Supermarket would like to wish our readers a Merry Christmas and wishes for an amazing, fulfilling & fruitful 2015! Or Happy Holidays, if you worship Crom, Zeus, Christopher Hitchens or some other great spirit. Thank you all for coming to LIAS on a regular basis and hopefully enjoying our output — I know it’s not with the prolificness that it once was, and the site hasn’t been running as well as we’d like — we’re working on it, we swear! — but we appreciate you all sweating it out with us. OK, enough talk — we’re officially on break! We’re all gonna regroup for next week, drink a small case of Woodford Reserve Masters Collection Bourbon and cue up a season of Peep Show on Netflix — it’s been a long year, we’ve earned it! Till then folks…

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