With no need for introduction, the quintessential Renaissance man and one of the mostly widely acknowledged figures in all of art human history, it is not surprising that Taschen has collected Michelangelo’s life’s works and history into this massive 736 page book. Michelangelo, Complete Works contains a full biography full of lesser known biographic details and a four-part inventory of his collected works — including that of paintings, sculptures, buildings and drawings — complete with enlarged details. With author contributions from from doctoral experts on Renasisance art, architecture and history and an attractive slip cover that converts into a book stand, Michelangelo, Complete Works represents both the pinnacle of research sources and coffee-table books, with the new edition going for only $70.

Nooka watchmakers have teamed up with pop artist Jon Burgerman, an artist known for his pop-art “doodle” style. The collab occurs on a limited-edition 200-piece run on the unique “Nooka K” model, which boasts of being amongst the lightest weight watches the brand has to offer — along with having one of the more innovative digital time-telling displays. The Burgerman “NOOKA K” Watch features an ABS silicone strap brightly illustrated with the artist’s work, with all the functions you’d expect: alarm, chronograph, date and time. Pick one up for $89.

The Jon Burgerman “NOOKA K” pop-art doodled watch strap below…

While the term “dog tag” has traditionally applied to either walking pets or identifying casualties of war, now they also refer to wearable universal tools. The simple, straightforward and smartly practical design of Prometheus Design Wear’s Standard Issue Dog Tag Tool is that of a basic closed-end wrench, made of titanium. Described by the PDW as “one of the lowest profile bottle cap lifter designs on the market,” after its first production run the Dog Tag Tool has already sold out. Check back for your own titanium, less-than-half-ounce weighing wearable tool on a steel-ball chain here.

We have been waiting patiently for some Sin City news ever since the scandalous poster above had all heads either turning or shaking. The Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer just showed during Comic Con this past weekend in San Diego and we’ve now got it here, in all its full red band glory. Set it on replay, and feel free to enjoy Eva Eva’s poster boob until the glorious theatrical release of Sin City: A Dame to Kill for on August 22nd.

Mad Max Fury Road might make you rethink your whole I’m-sick-of-redos stance on filmmaking, because this trailer looks really, really fucking cool. What it lacks in a young, pre-weirdo Mel Gibson it more than makes up for in using original director/visionary George Miller who boasted during San Diego Comic Con this past weekend that Mad Max wasn’t really a CGI film (although there are some minimal green-screen moments). From the looks of the copious automotive wreckage and undiluted carnage, that revelation seems like a serious understatement. Mad Max Fury Road stars Inception and Dark Knight Rises‘ Tom Hardy and a post-apocalyptic Charlize Theron. Whether or not this is a sequel, prequel, remake or what remains unclear, but you can consider this movie ticket purchased.

28 Jul
"The Longer You Last" skull-cast series from Hedi Xandt

Artist, graphic designer and all-around creative force Hedi Xandt has bumped up the price tag on this puzzle box by giving our good friend Pinhead from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser series a bit of the Midas touch. While die-casting objects, not excluding the human skull, into golden hues seems to be a recurring motif in the artist’s work, what is especially interesting about his “The Longer You Last” series isn’t exactly its Hellraiser homage, but perhaps that it is a gold-plated cast (with nails inserted) of an actual 18th-century skull. Creepy, maybe. But, shiny, more importantly.

28 Jul
Sunglasses made from the strongest plant fiber in the world

So we already knew that hemp is good for rope, hippy clothing and fancy shampoo additives, but not so much for getting you high. But Hemp Eyewear is but one more example of the seemingly limitless applications of the wonder substance. Revered by hemp enthusiasts as the strongest plant fiber in the world, surpassing that of even wood, a set of shades seems like just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what hemp can contribute to. Prototypes of these laser-etched hemp frames were seen at the London New Designers show earlier this month, but real-life launch date should be sometime early next year. Preorder or inquire now.


28 Jul
A red hibiscus & dragon wormwood tweak on tradition

Corsair Distillery describes their hooch as “hand-crafted small-batch ultra-premium booze for badasses,” which basically means that we not only like their style, but we’ve got our cups held out for the pour. While the distillery has an interesting mix of spirits available, there is something a little notable about the liquor-ishy whollup of a good absinthe. Added to the ingredient list of traditional absinthe, like anise and wormwood, come intriguing extras such ash tarragon, citrus and the green fairy-transforming zinger of red hibiscus. The 112-proof award-winning drink is a must-have for your next refined, complex-tasting, total black out. Pick a bottle up for $62.

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