BBC Music has wet a huge splash with a cover of the Beach Boys “God Only Knows”, one of the greatest songs in the American cannon. They transform a surf classic into an all-star extravaganza (and accompanying high-production video) with help from an 80-piece orchestra and vocal cameos from 27 big-name musical artists. You can almost play Where’s Waldo, name checking Pharrell Williams, Stevie Wonder, One Direction, Elton John, Lorde, Chris Martin, Brian Welch, Florence Martin, English folksinger Eliza Carthy, Chrysse Hinde and, yes, the Beach Boy original, Brian Wilson. Proceeds go to BBC Children in Need, so feel free to donate to the organization and hold the ice bucket, please.



The late Bunny Yeager was a pinup model and photographer as well as contemporary of the great Bettie Page. And from her extensive archives, gathered into the pages of Bettie Page: Queen of Curves, are not only many of her best known and revered images, but also many never-before-seen photos. Yeager’s photography career was made when her photograph of Bettie Page made it to Playboy, and she’d go on to shoot many big names, including Marilyn Monroe. Compiled by Petra Mason, a cultural historian and total pro on the life and times of Bunny Yeager, Bettie Page: Queen of Curves includes 250 photographs and extensive input gathered from interviews with Ms. Yeager herself. There’s also a comprehensive chronicle of Miami Beach in 1954 that put Bettie Page on the map, and those little bangs on fetish models for decades to come. Rizzoli’s Bettie Page: Queen of Curves is available for $50 on backorder for the most extensive text on Bettie Page to date.

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With bold marketing claims of being “more than just a new bike: it’s a whole new world,” the Ducati Scrambler is staging a major comeback. Not just a kitschy plea to your nostalgia, the Scrambler means to pick up as if it had never left off, aiming to be a motorcycle as contemporary as it is classic. The headlamp and tank design remains classically Ducati, with the new additions of a glass parabola and LED side-lighting system. Acceleration and power comes by way of an oil/air cooled L-twin two-valve 803 cc engine, with an 88 mm bore and a 66 mm stroke.

There are several spins on the Scrambler, four versions of the bike in all, allowing room on the road for any sort of rider. Looking for the thrill and the speed of the flat racetrack? The Full Throttle is intended for those who like it fast, while the Classic is aptly named as it is most reminiscent of its old-school 70’s predecessor. The “Wild Green” Enduro allows for smooth transitions between city streets and back roads, and last is the leader of the lineup: the Icon in yellow (shown above). Apparel and accessories to be presented in November, Scrambler on the road and in dealerships by January 2015. Pricing for the Icon starts at $8,495, while all other models start at $9,995.

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SKLO, also known as Sam Lo, is an artist out of Singapore who claims to comment on the world around her through the cues of everyday life. But of course, you say, seeing as we all have days filled with rabid stormtrooper attacks that ultimately reveal to be none other than Chief Chirpa. Come to think of it, the clone faces behind those helmets have always been somewhat of a mystery. With the collaborative help of Flabslab, a production house also out of Singapore with a soft spot for Star Wars themes, comes the sculptor’s second resin-rendering of an Ewok trooper: Chief Chirpa in a stormtrooper’s helmet. “The Uprising: An Original Abomination” is a highly limited edition of only 15 pieces, each individually numbered and signed, and standing at 15cm x 14cm x 13cm. Get your own sculpture/abomination for $300.


The head lushes at Ludlow’s Cocktails (who were also the head scoops behind Coolhaus) figured out — no doubt, after a good night of heavy boozing — that the Jell-o shot had some growing up to do. It was high time it left the trays tipped over at frat parties, and became something easier and tastier to handle. Funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Jelly Shot is the first-ever prepackaged shot of its kind. The jellified craft cocktail is 30-proof, made with real fruit juice and requires zero prep time, and zero refrigeration. And since it’s Coolhaus, you know the taste will be beyond reproach — not some over-sugared, over-processed neon plastic. Available in Fresh Lime Margarita, Meyer Lemon Drop, Old Fashioned, Planter’s Punch and Moscow Mule. Open up your gullet and find a store near you.

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7 Oct
A custom bike formed from a Buell x1 Lightning


The Sartorie Meccaniche manifesto is founded in contemporary simplicity, as they explain: “We try to fuse elegance and sportivness, inspired by the old glory days with a hint of contemporary design.” The minimalist approach to motorcycle building in this instance translates into the Belva, a new powerful but very tasteful two-wheeler. Built from the foundation of a rare Buell x1 Lightning, Sartorie Meccaniche transformed the Belva into a true cafe racer. Especially notable about this refined beast is its tailor-made rear end, its fiberglass tank and its engine — which was originally fuel injected but was then swapped to a single giant carburetor. For more on how to park the Belva in your garage, hit ‘em up directly.

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7 Oct
American-made timepieces with Detroit pride


Shinola represents all-American made in their Detroit factory, their foundation being a unique Argonite movement using dozens of Swiss parts, domestically assembled with custom-made tools handled by highly skilled craftspeople. The Runwell Sport wristwatch, built for action with the highest possible quality in mind, has a 715 high-accuracy quartz movement, Super-LumiNova printed dial, stainless steal case and a sporty red top ring with black rubber stop. Arm your arm with Detroit’s pride for $675.

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The Wu, perhaps a little hungry to stay ahead of the hype in any way possible, continues on the quest for the marketer’s new edge on the music industry. With all the buzz about the one-album-only concept surrounding their upcoming release of Once Upon a Time in Shaolinit’s not surprising A Better Tomorrow, their twentieth anniversary album, would have a twist as well. According to the RZA, these new spins on the record are deliberate efforts to combine music and technology to finally get ahead of bootleggers (although our money might still ride on the bootleggers over boomboxes in that epic battle). A Better Tomorrow is set for release on Black Friday, the biggest shopper’s shit-show of the year, with a sound said to harken back to the Wu’s analog years. Expect contributions from all the Clan’s original living members, plus a copy of the RZA’s written manifesto about man’s “quest for fire.” What the content is of said manifesto is, is as elusive as the boombox sounds themselves, although admittedly a bit less exciting. The whole idea behind the boombox is fastened to the memory of music as a tangible item  — this one being portably playable, an update on the walkman of old. But don’t stress — this is more than just a limited Wu Tang delivery mechanism: the boom box also serves as a standard bluetooth player with a 10-hour battery life and a one-year warranty. Pre-0rder now for $80.

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