Considering the breathless press releases and countless panels at the Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS) last month devoted strictly to autonomous driving — and the nearly infinite ways the technology would profoundly influence every aspect of our society — it is clear the topic du jour in automotive circles is self-driving cars.

But perhaps the most surprising trend to arise out of the LAAS in 2014 was not who will be driving our cars in the coming decades, but rather how they will be driven. Or rather, powered. Until now, hybrids and plug-in electric vehicles have been the belles of the alternative energy ball — the Great Green Hope for those who wish to see humanity distance ourselves from an over-reliance on fossil fuels. But several automakers are transitioning agendas, hedging their bets on hydrogen fuel cell technology instead.

We’ve heard the siren song of hydrogen-powered vehicles before, however — Toyota has been tinkering with fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) for 20 years now, and Honda introduced its first back in 2002. So what has changed? Why is the technology suddenly relevant again? What are its true benefits and disadvantages? And what vehicles are currently being developed to bring this bold technology into the future?

Automotive executive Wolf-Henning Scheider, the respected head of supplier Robert Bosch’s automotive division, gave solid support to FCVs in the marketplace. “They are not out of the race,” he told a Berlin industry conference last month. “They are a viable alternative to other zero-emission vehicle technologies.”


Climate change is real. If you don’t believe in it, and the 99% of credible scientists who support the concept, then stop reading now. Better yet, shut off your computer and throw your iPhone in the toilet. You don’t get the right to cherrypick your belief in “science” — either you believe in the institutions that created the technology you use every day, or you go back to tossing rocks at rodents for sustenance. Make a choice — you can’t have it both ways.

The second largest contributor to climate change in America burps from the vehicles human beings drive every day, accounting for 33% of carbon emissions. To drastically decrease the amount of carbons we dump into the atmosphere, to clean up the air we breathe every day, and to decrease our dependence on foreign oil we must transition to vehicles powered by alternative and renewable fuels: electricity, hydrogen, natural gas, biomethane, ethanol, renewable diesel and biodiesel.


Hydrogen zero-emission FCVs function very similarly to electric vehicles (EVs) in that electric motors are used to turn the wheels and make them go. Instead of batteries supplying the required energy, however, power is created in fuel cell stacks that convert compressed hydrogen gas into electricity.

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“If the infrastructure existshydrogen’s long range, quick fill-up & ability to power larger vehicles will make it much more convenient alternative to EVs…”


12 Dec
Latest from Brooklyn-based experimental electronic artist


Imagine someone recording snow as it hits the pavement, turning the timbre way down low and the volume way up and you might have goste’s new EP “Eugene”. The acclaimed Brooklyn-based experimental electronic artist is currently wrapping up a tour that took him from the gusty north Williamsburg heart of his home base in Brooklyn to the depths of Boston’s urbane Chinatown (see remaining tour dates below). Track 1 of his newly released “Eugene” EP, “Loaded Like A Pistol”,  contains elements of folkloric 90s grunge, it has that sad earthy quality of say… The Scud Mountain Boys… intermingling with the electronic synthetic mindset of say… Burial or James Blake… that evaporated immortality of the machines. goste’s songs are for nightclubs in winter time, the kind of nightclub that only seems clean because it’s dark and cold.

Goste is a rarity on the electronic music scene because he is one of a few that uses his own “Tom Waitsian” vocals over his experimental electronic tracks, similar to the previously mentioned Mr. Blake. His live shows include instrumentation.  After touring the US and Europe in support of his 2013 record Deleted Scenes, goste returns with “Eugene.” Check out the live version of track 1, “Loadedlikeapistol”, off the new EP. It’s pretty dope.

Watch the “Loadedlikeapistol” video below…

taschen-william-blake750 years ago, Dante took hell to a whole new level — nine levels, to be exact. His opus The Divine Comedy went on to become one of the most referenced and revered works of world history, and it stands unrivaled as one of the pinnacle achievements of Italian literature. Preeminent among the greats who were influenced by the masterpiece was the accomplished artist, poet and road-paver of the Romantic period William Blake, who was commissioned to recreate the images — his last work, one that was never completed or published. William Blake: The Drawings for Dante’s Divine Comedy is the compendium of Blake’s final work, its 324 pages including 14 foldouts and close readings of the art in its varying stages of completion. Detailed analyzation of Blake’s work — as well as Dante’s interpretation of Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise — is well dissected by respected art historians Sebastian Schutze and professor of Italian literature, Maria Anton Terzoli. Order your clothbound, hardcover copy of William Blake: The Drawings for Dante’s Divine Comedy, a must have for art buffs and literary collectors alike, for $150.

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10 Dec
Made of ballistic nylon with headphone, cartridge & CD pockets


Head Porter‘s well named “DJ Bag” lives up to its title by holding up to 50 records. The DJ Bag is made of ballistic nylon which is used for bulletproof vests and car airbags because it resists heat, abrasion, and tearing. It has a cushion lining to protect the records, a top pocket for headphones or a needle cartridge, a front pocket for CDs, and adjustable straps so it can be a shoulder bag or a handbag. Manufactured in Japan by Yoshida Kaban, you can pre-order the high quality carrier in black or navy for $338.

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It’s been nearly 10 months since our last Because We Love You installment, so the holidays seem like the perfect time for vol 87. The occasion? Emily Ratajkowski — she of the “Blurred Lines” fame — shows off her best assets for lingerie line Yamamay‘s 2014 Christmas collection. According to a recent GQ article, Ms Ratajkowski is not only a UCLA alum but also very well read and quite bright… but who gives her credit for that? All they remember Emily for is that she likes to jump around in underwear to terrible songs by Robin Thick. But does anyone really care? No. Thank you Yamamay for your casting genius, the world owes you a favor…

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Well, this is certainly not the first time there’s ever been a little pun action in artwork inspired by Star Wars. This time we’ve got Storm Guevara, or actually the resin bust is entitled Che Trooper by the artist and “guerilla marketer” that is Urban Medium. The bust figure, 18″ tall and weighing in at a little over nine pounds, emulates the hybrid of the legend of Latin America and the peon-worker-bee of the Dark Side. Hmm, an interesting juxtaposition when we put it that way. Super-duper limited edition of only fifteen pieces, and the artist promises to not only pack and deliver it safely, but to throw in some stickers. Wheeee! Stickers! Add this entry to the Death Star Diaries for $650.

9 Dec
The 1st single from Richmond, Virginia brothers' upcoming album


The aptly named Cosby is a band made up of the Cosby brothers: Chris Cosby on keys/synth vox and Chip Cosby on guitar/vox with friend Mike Levinson on drums/percussion. Formed in Richmond, VA in the winter of 2012 (what a dark place it was) they managed to create a musical vision of dreamy fizz, a soda can of cosmic synth pop. “Heartracer” is the first single from their yet-unnamed forthcoming album.

Cosby is a band to take on a 1980’s style roadtrip with its upbeat sound and driving beats. Accelerating from 1979 into the 1980s, think Easy Rider meets Christopher Cross. Cosby has opened for Blues Traveler and Future Islands and finished as a semi-finalist in last year’s International Songwriting Competition for their song “Light Of Day”.

The new single “Heartracer” is about “that moment when we finally feel at ease with the realization that we are all, for better or worse, heading in the same direction on this big floating rock in space we call Earth.” The new record is a follow-up to their debut album, IN FLIGHT, released November 29th 2013. Check out the DIY music video for “Heartracer” below…

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9 Dec
Fall/Winter 2014 Collection includes kicks in concrete grey camo


Three major streetwear brands — the UK’s Maharashi, LA’s Undefeated and the behemoth Adidas Originals — have combined forces for a collaborative line of gear. The highlight of the Fall/Winter 2015 collection being the military-gray camo Jabber Mid Hi sneakers shown above. The main attraction of the shoe, and entire collaboration in general, is the “Disruptive Court” tiger-stripe concrete camo pattern designed by longtime camo experts Maharashi. Other details of the mid-cut shoe include supportive rubber cupsole, Multi-brand embossment at the heel and orange accents. Peep out the rest of the collection here, or just get a pair of the Undefeated x Maharashi x Adidas Originals Jabber Mid His for $140.

First a bit of video, then profile view below…


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