4 May
The battle between Google and Apple continues to heat up

Expect the Battle of Software Gargantuans between Google and Apple to only heat up in the future as the market gets more and more tight (throw Microsoft’s hairy beast into that equation as well). As revolutionary as Apple’s touchscreen technology was and is to the handheld market, that doesn’t mean they’ll be kings forever. Google […]

22 Apr
Capture your images in affordable 3D

You know how everyone’s doing really cheap post-production conversions of their crappy horror films to 3D now that Avatar‘s made more money than Dick Cheney at a sweatshop bomb factory? Well now you can do the cheap print version with the Holga 120 3D Stereo Camera. The camera is a medium-format plastic snapshooter that captures […]

25 Mar
LG LX9500 TV goes supermodel thin

We don’t usually cover TVs, but this one’s kind of special. Today LG announced the world’s first full-LED 3D HDTV, the LX9500. But not only is it full LED and 3D, it also measures in at a skeletal 22.3mm thick. The new LED-backlit set will offer full 1080p resolution, a 400Hz refresh rate and a […]

18 Mar
I can hear 1,000 nerds simultaneously locking their doors forever

I may have imagined it as a child, but I never would have believed that 3D video games would become personalized for your home. But with the emergence of highly interactive gaming devices, and a resurgence in the 3D movie craze, I can’t say I’m entirely shocked. Introducing the Virtusphere, a new virtual reality system […]

16 Dec
Madman Mundt’s epic-poem-length review of the most anticipated movie of the year

Anyone who reads this site with any regularity knows that I’ve been anticipating Avatar with my Geek Phaser set on Mutilate. It’s fair to say that this is the most energized I’ve felt waiting for a film since the first X-Men (Bryan Singer helming my favorite childhood comic) or even Terminator 2 (Cameron’s follow-up to […]

11 Nov
From shooting milk with teddy bears to the existential pain of robots

PresidiaCreative did a really nice job compiling 55 Epic, Weird and Totally Awesome Images. As they put it: “There are some incredibly talented and creative minds in the field of graphic design.  Combining 3D, photomanipulation, and digital painting can result in some pretty incredible effects.  However, designers don’t always create serious images for clients, sometimes, […]