Adidas Originals have added to their premium sneaker line the latest Stan Smith 80s shoe style. The lux shoes are covered in Zebra print pony hair that’s soft to the touch, with D-eye ringlets and black accent on the heel. To be released in March of 2011.

12 Aug
Ironic, or just really expendable...?

I’m pretty much a girlie girl. I pretend to be tough, but the closest I’ve ever gotten to a fight was when a chick in seventh grade gym class made fun of my friend Sophia De La Torre, so I pointed my shaking finger in her face and said, in my best pretend badass voice, […]

1 Jul
Russians pit severely dated video game characters in death duel

On the same vein as the Mario Vs. Pacman animation, we present you with Tetris Vs. Contra. Not much else to say…

These remind me of those old school glasses they’d give away in the 80s from Burger King and McDonalds, you remember those? Every summer BK and McD’s would battle over whichever movie license was cooler that year, and then put out some amazing drinking glasses for kids to endlessly barter over (the Empire Strikes Back […]

4 Jun
More 80s future-retro for summer

Innovative and ultra-stylized watchmaker Nooka throw their hat into the eyewear market with their new Mercury sunglasses. The Mercury collection are available in six colors: classic black and white, as well as four attention-grabbing neon shades. The polymer-injected frames make the Nooka sunglasses light-weight and durable, with matching rubber nose-piece and ear guards for comfort. […]

26 May
Diplo, Switch and Elly Jackson bring the dancehall heat

Let’s face it, Diplo made his name on the mixtape — first with his Hollertronixxx mixes with Low Budget back in the day, and then his gamechanging Piracy Funds Terrorism mixtape that put M.I.A. on the map back when she couldn’t even read a map. Then there was his superlative mix with Santogold, Top Ranking, […]

22 Apr
Matt W. Moore's classic tribute to the 80's in sunglass form

Ray-Bans have asked artist/graphic designer Matt W. Moore, aka MWM, to create a new color scheme for their ultra classic Wayfarer frames. The Portland, Maine-based illustrator used his signtarure “Vectorfunk” style to come up with the vividly colored pattern, for which they apparently went through two dozen different colorways to find. I appreciate how the […]

26 Feb
You're beginning to regret throwing all of those cassettes away

I loved those old school ghetto blasters when I was a yung’un, but thought it must’ve been mad inconvenient to lug those giant contraptions everywhere. Well with this Ghetto Blaster suitcase-style travel bag you get all the aesthetic advantage of a ridiculously large boombox with all the convenience of a travel bag. In other words, […]