16 Dec
Arizona hippie moves to Omaha, continues evil synth-pop ways

Shawn Foree grew up in the desert shrubs outside of Tucson, Arizona in a Baha’i hippie commune, which is really weird given the incredibly synthetic textures of his music. Maybe that’s where he got the name of his band, Digital Leather — a literal conflation of a most organic material with the most intangible, artificial […]

Maybe because it’s 6 am and I haven’t had coffee yet, but Mr. T telling me to wear clothes, because if i don’t I’ll be arrested is kinda freaking me out. Happy Monday people…  This shit is just too good not to share.

2 Jun
Oh what sweet memories you bring back, crusty black console of love...

Ooooh lordy does this bring back memories. Everyone likes to flap their lips about Atari this, and Commodore that. But why oh why does everyone always sleep on my beloved ColecoVision? Aside from the fact that Coleco was mostly known for making pool filters in the 80s, they ventured into the home video game department […]

This somehow slipped by me, but BMW has released its concept of their new M1 Homage Concept. Yes, this happened a couple weeks back but whatever guy — this ain’t Jalopnik. We’ve got imminent Black Holes and Cocaine energy drinks to talk about! Anywho, god I loved this car back in the 80s — my […]