A stirring, cautionary tale about the dangers of Zombiehood… told in 8bit format. That poor machine gun-wielding Obama never had a chance…

Austin-based artist Shawn Springs makes wooden sculptures crafted to look as if they were pixelated 8bit creatures manifested into our meat and bones world. Although his pieces normally range from leaping mahi mahi to flaming hats, it’s his latest project, Vicious Venue, that’s taken his craft to the next level. As Springs explains: “My recent […]

27 Apr
Gameboy Thrashin’ Turntable Bangin’ mixtape

This is something that most people are going to really hate, but some are going to really love. Plant me in the garden of the latter. Basek’s new mix, Gameboy Thrashin’ Turntable Bangin’, is available for FREE and is exactly as the title suggests — glitch, 8-bit, bass, breakcore and even some good old fashioned […]