Of all the things we’ve ever posted here, Marion Bataille’s ABC3D pop-up book is easily among my favorites — and is one of the few things I’ve actually been motivated enough to go out, search for, and purchase. It really is that extraordinary, and giving it to my friend’s kid (whattup Felix!), and seeing him […]

5 May
Watch a paper city grow in front of your eyes

Sort of similar to that awesome ABC3D pop-up book, except instead of infant stimulation Popville aims straight for stimulating adult occipital lobes. Created by Anouck Boisrobert, Louis Rigaud and Joy Sorman, the Sim City-like book has some heady framework aspirations:”The city as a living body that is born, develops and differentiate its buildings and functions: […]

After posting such ugliness as the Russian Gang Fight below, I feel it’s important to counter humanity’s wretchedness with a little beauty. A spiritual salve, of sorts. Marion Bataille‘s ABC3D could very well be the coolest pop-up book in the history of the genre. If you know a better one, please feel free to share […]