Compiled by the worldwide Dust & Grooves project that has collected the best input from the Earth’s top record collectors, comes 416 pages of pure, unadulturated vinylphilia. Covering over 130 collectors, Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting features 250 pages of full-color photos, 12 full-length interviews, personal histories & essays, valor and a forward by the RZA, aka […]

18 May
Here's hoping they haven't ruined another childhood memory...

Did you read Tintin as a kid? No? Then you missed out. Or maybe you didn’t, cos Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson have teamed up to bring one of the best books from our childhood to the silver screen (in 3D, naturally). Of course I trust my favorite material to Spielberg the way I trust […]

12 Feb
Luc Besson's latest directorial outing

Luc Besson’s productions can be hit or miss, but when he directs he usually hits like a 23-year old Mike Tyson. For his new film The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec, Busson wears all 3 hats: writer, director and producer, so we should be (hopefully) expecting Jurassic Park more than Mummy Returns. Like The Red […]