2 Aug
App lets viewers change up their interaction with public spaces

Last month we mentioned a novel idea for an “Augmented Reality” app that allows one to walk throughout a city and watch popular scenes from movies that were filmed in the exact location they’re in. If you were in Venice, California you might see a scene from I Love You, Man or The Doors, while […]

10 Jan
A simpler approach to advertisement

Simplicity is a concept that has been underrated in past years, especially in the world of advertisement. The sense of need to fill packages with bright pictures and loud typefaces has been a design concept in products that fill our grocery store shelves since the Dawn of the Age of Mad Men. To counteract some […]

Creative Criminals collected a bunch of creative bus stop advertisements that don’t make me want to lobotomize my frontal lobe with a butter knife. Honestly, if ad people just spent a bit more time actually engaging their audience instead of patronizing them like mouth breathing simpletons then I wouldn’t want to throw a hand grenade […]