FYF Fest (Fuck Yeah Fest Festival…don’t ask) has been a favorite day festival for Los Angeles’ city dwellers for a couple years now. The festival, which started as a promotion of punk bands, has included a plethora of bands from different genres bringing it mounting attention over the past few years, and has finally built […]

Have you heard Hanni El Khatib? The first generation half Palestinian/half Filipino is just bad ass, angrily riffing out a cunning execution of classic American blues, garage, punk and doo-wop into a post-rock n’ roll frenzy. Just hit play on his “Come Alive” video below and you’ll know instantly if you’ll like his music — […]

19 May
Def Jux finally gets some MTV love

New York City’s Cage, who has flirted with chart success with Smut Peddlers and Weathermen, has probly left his days of ruling the Def Jux underground behind him. Ironic, cos this is by far not the best stuff he’s come out with (Movies for the Blind was pretty great). Still, “I Never Knew You” marks […]

Breakbeat maestros Evil Nine are releasing an extra-zombified VHS Halloween Party 2008 mix just in time for the holidays. The mix is a preview of their upcoming LP, They Live!, due January 2009 (on Adam Freeland’s Marine Parade imprint). The title track is already a staple on many an electo mix, and has spawned numerous […]