1 Mar
Jack Kerouac + DJ Shadow = 30 second animation

In a brief but very well done animation, motion designer Sean McClintock combines Jack Kerouac reading “Lucien Midnight” — the long narrative poem now known as Old Angel Midnight —over DJ Shadow’s beautiful “Second”. Enjoy… Friday Afternoon in the Universe from Sean McClintock on Vimeo.

I’ll be honest with you — I am NOT one of those people that delights in commercials showing babies acting like adults, or talking, or doing any of that bullshit. In fact I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of babies in general — I feel very frightened around their tender heads, like I’ll accidentally […]

15 Jul
Lifting the curtain to Patrick Boivin's magic

A couple weeks back we posted that AT-AT Day Afternoon video which we thought was the bee’s knees. Well here’s a short “Making Of” video showing how it was done…needless to say, very clever…tip of the hat to creator Patrick Boivin…

28 May
Effectively Merging Music And Fashion

I’m not bringing this to you because the music is particularly amazing. I’m not saying the line up sucks, though (Magic Arm, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Lettie, Passenger, Holmes, Waz, Amy Kuney, Charlie Mars, Alice Russell, Theresa Andersson, The Silent Years, Mason Proper, Nive Nielsen, Afternoon) it’s just a bit on the Nick and Norah […]