15 Jul
Get drunk while staying sharp on your toes... kinda...

Coffee and liquor are both necessities for most people, at least here at the LIAS secret compound, but together? Not so much. That may change with the XO Café by Patron. The tequila allows one to drink it straight up, on the rocks or blended in a cocktail, but that’s not all. Desserts and a […]

23 Sep
100% blue agave tequilas from the Jalisco Highlands

Espolon Tequila returns stateside after several years of market absence, and the comeback is welcomed. Brewed at the Saint Nicolas Distillery, what many consider the Best Factory in Mexico, the tequila comes in both blanco and reposado expressions. Made from 100% blue agave in the treasured soil of the Jalisco Highlands, Espolon boasts a longer […]

24 Nov
Cuervo's high end line not just for lowering the standards of coeds any more

Let’s be honest, every man in America knows exactly what José Cuervo is for — lowering the standards of sorority girls everywhere. But with its Patron and Don Julio-targeting Reserva de la Familia line, Cuervo is putting an entirely new demographic in its crosshairs. First introduced in 1995 to celebrate José Cuervo’s 200 year anniversary, […]