19 Nov
Danish manufacturer gets the Work In Progress touch

Carhartt’s WIP (Work In Progress) division lends its aesthetic touches to two of AIAIAI’s most prominent models — the TMA-1 DJ headphones (above) and Pipe ear buds. This is their second collaboration, this time eschewing the camo colorway for a navy body with safety orange pop. The Danish headphone maker is renowned for its rich, […]

5 Feb
Danish fusion of design and functionality

Denmark-based headphone company AIAIAI has been making some noise lately with their heavily design-orietned products, especially their headsets and pipe headsets. The packaging is top notch too, but they’re tough to find in the US. Check out Oki-Ni (currently sold out), or buy them from their own website for $70. A video of AIAIAI’s rigorous […]

11 Jun
You'll Have To Wait Until November For These :(

Here’s a peek at the new DJ headphones designed by Kilo Design for Copenhagen based company Aiaiai—known as the A-house. The create earphones, headsets, headphones and other kinds of consumer electronic related products. Not sure if this’ll be the final design, but this is the look they’re leaking right now. The product will launch in […]