As if branding oneself hasn’t already elevated to an absurd level, Brandages may take the vanity cake and smash it. From Chanel to Louis Vuitton, the limited edition disposable bandages are emblazoned with a number of luxury designer’s well-known logos. While the products from Brandages are indeed functional, if you feel the need to cover […]

15 Sep
Pulling one of the most beloved off-roaders into the 21st Century

The most iconic Land Rover of all time, the spare bones Defender, is getting a modernized resurrection via two new concepts: the DC100 and DC100 Sport. Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show (where else this week, really) these two concepts aren’t just whimsical blog fodder, they’re actually intended for eventual production heading into 2015. The […]

11 Aug
Urbancase's handy booze, glassware, and tool storage

There is nothing better than a glass of happiness on the rocks — especially in case of emergencies like, oh I don’t know, your shitty job, crazy friends, judgmental family and even your girlfriend. So you may be looking for a unique way to store all the boozy tools necessary to stay sane, and hence […]

15 Feb
Portland 7-piece indie folkers reject the Cult of Autotune

Portland’s AgesandAges is a a seven piece allegedly non-cult band that refers to itself as a cult in the interview, so we’re confused. Considering the beautiful acoustic driven indie-folk AgesandAges play, however, we’d gladly spend a weekend in their foresty compound listening to them jam away — even if some dubious Kool-Aid were involved. Clearly […]

Russian motorcycle manufacturer Ural has unveiled a limited edition motorcycle for US shores. We’ve covered the Ural sT before, but this new bike comes with many extra features…at double the pricetag. Named after the World’s largest northernmost forest frontier, the Great Taiga forests in Siberia, the Limited Edition Ural “Taiga” 2WD is loaded with off-road […]