Photographer Russell James may be known for his contributions to Sport Illustrated, GQ and Vogue, but what he’s really known for is his work with Victoria’s Secret, where he’s been the principal photographer for a good 15 years. James has now compiled this book of nudes, tastefully titled Angels, showcasing all the Victoria’s Secret “angels” he has captured throughout his time, […]

28 Jul
A solid pair of canvas deck shoes for the Patriotic boater

Produced in Japan, the Der Sammler Solo Deck Shoe features a canvas upper with stars and stripes print, red foxing around the mid sole, vulcanized sole and toe box, and a printed Der Sammler Solo heel tab. With off white shoelaces and silver eyelets, the Der Sammler Solo deck shoe is a fine option for […]

11 Dec
The world's worst director teams up with the world's best lingerie hangers

Happy Friday people! This commercial sort of reminds me of when you see a really hot tranny. At first you’re like, ‘Wow that girl is hot!’, and then you see the Adam’s apple and your stomach and esophagus get all squirrely like. Well this is how this video makes me feel — squirrely. On the […]