28 Aug
Showcasing the softer side of Alexis Krauss & Derek Miller

Brooklyn-based duo Sleigh Bells (Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller) blasted their way into the music scene and onto everyone’s radar with explosive bass hits, aggressive guitar riffs, and celestial vocals off their debut album Treats in 2010. After turning on the crowd to their powerful sound, a question that crossed my mind was, ‘Where do […]

22 May
Mad Decent's renaissance man finds time for a remix

Diplo’s a pretty busy guy. Between running his Mad Decent label, sub label, working with Usher, holding a residency in Vegas, and currently in the studio with No Doubt (really looking forward to hearing that), you’ve gotta wonder how he has time to do his own thing – like this Sleigh Bells remix. If you’re […]

22 Sep
New video from Brooklyn's latest hipster overlords

Brooklyn’s latest overlords of the hipster world Sleigh Bells (vocalist Alexis Krauss and producer/guitarist Derek Miller) just released their second video off their eponymous debut. Although not all the tracks on the album are killer, this one’s one of the bigger bangers on there. Directed by Phil Pinto. Download Sleigh Bells’ “Infinity Guitars” mp3 Sleigh […]