22 Mar
Lost In A Supermarket tests Nike's athletic tech gadget motivator racing on frozen Swedish lakes... how much Fuel will it earn?

We just got a Nike FuelBand delivered to our offices, and we have to admit we’re both stoked and a bit perturbed. We appreciate the preview, but what exactly are you trying to tell us Nike? I mean we know the Fat Tire and Balvenie has its waistline effects, but dammit we’re working on it! […]

You cannot see the photograph you are about to take with this Nadia concept camera, simply because it has no display. Rather than allow you to play Ansel Adams, the Nadia passes the judgment of aesthetic quality over to ACQUINE — the first publicly available aesthetics inference engine. What that means is that ACQUINE runs […]

The Facadeprinter is essentially long distance pointillism device, using paintballs to throw up artwork in large canvases — like building sides, bridges, walls, etc. Its inventors call it a “large scale communication tool”, which is accurate, but you could also call it a long distance graffiti weapon as well, I guess. As they say it […]