30 Jun
Japan's space opera anime coming to live action film in December

That title above either gives you goosebumps like that revelation scene in Fight Club, or you just couldn’t care less (because you clearly don’t know what we’re talking about). There’s really no room for middle ground here. At the beginning of the year we posted the first trailer for Space Battleship Yamato, and this here’s […]

This is one of those examples of when a music video perfectly illustrates the vibe of a song. Not much to explain here — Noisia & Mayhem’s drum & bass anthem over an anime video of an alien ship wrecking shop of Earth. There is very little to not like about the previous sentence…

18 Feb
Director takes the TED stage to explain his world view

We were big supporters of Neill Blomkamp’s directorial debut District 9, but lacking the sort of intellectual gravitas of most of TED‘s lecturers I wondered if he was out of his league at the Vancouver conference. Asked whether he believed aliens would really look like the creatures he imagined in District 9, Blomkamp used the […]

16 Dec
Madman Mundt’s epic-poem-length review of the most anticipated movie of the year

Anyone who reads this site with any regularity knows that I’ve been anticipating Avatar with my Geek Phaser set on Mutilate. It’s fair to say that this is the most energized I’ve felt waiting for a film since the first X-Men (Bryan Singer helming my favorite childhood comic) or even Terminator 2 (Cameron’s follow-up to […]

17 Nov
The man, the myth, the genius and the megalomaniac

If you’re a fan of sci-fi or film in general, I highly recommend Dana Goodyear’s interview with James Cameron in the latest issue of the New Yorker. It’s an incredibly insightful, well written examination of one of America’s best auteur filmmakers, living or dead. (If you don’t think so, best be prepared for a heated […]

Axe-wielding Vikings, Aliens with laser canons, Fire-breathing Dragons…by all accounts, this movie is all the 13-year old boy in me could ever want (trust me, he’s not that hard to find). Of course, it all still go down cheesier and more repulsive than Doritos dust, but the trailer looks promising. I like Jim Caviezel, and […]

8 Jul
Fistifcuffs with Mexican wresters, motobike chases, and a fat Italian guy putting ladies in check

What do you get when you perform this algorithm: [Joey Buttafucco (Austin Powers – James Bond) x Chris Farley] – Peter Parker = ? Italian Spiderman, naturalmente! God , this show looks like so much fun to make. Fistifcuffs with Mexican wresters, motobike chases, a fat Italian guy putting ladies in check…Plus, I love how […]