25 May
Taschen’s collection of the best cinema from the 20th century

Encompassing two-volumes, Taschen‘s 100 All-Time Favorite Movies is an 800-page encyclopedic who’s who of cinema from the 20th century. Every genre imaginable has been included in this extensive compilation that includes horror, romance, comedy, adventure, musical, western and noir. Read up on popular films like A Clockwork Orange, Some Like It Hot, The Godfather, Citizen Kane and […]

5 Jan
EW argues The Clash's "London Calling" is the Best Album of All Time

Are we Clash fans? Ummmm…you might have inferred that from the title of our little online project here…and you’d be 100% correct. Well it just so happens that London Calling, the album that contains our eponymous track, came out exactly 30 years ago today. Entertainment Weekly here posits it’s the best album of all time, […]