6 Feb
Italian dirt bike now in road-legal scrambler & café racer form

The  limited production Zaeta 530 DT may be currently confined to the dirt track, but the Italian company revealed plans to soon make the 530 DT available in road-legal scrambler and café racer variations. The latest design features an aluminum frame (close to seven pounds lighter than the previous tube design), an improved rear suspension […]

11 Mar
Hippie built, grownup approved

Christiana has been doing bikes (or with the three-wheeler shown here, the correct term would be “trike”) for the Danes since the 80’s — it’s the oldest surviving company in the free living city-within-a-city hippie mecca of Christiana in Copenhagen. And they’ve been doing such a smash-up job of it that we can have them […]

The Mopion Bike was developed by the triumvirate of Kibisi, Puma and Danish bicycle company Biomega to be the ultimate in urban bicycling. Although the trio have designed other bikes before, none have been so thoroughly crafted for city dwelling. First off the Mopion features a lightweight aluminum frame weighing under 50 lbs (22 kgs), […]