22 Feb
Cotton tube socks never seemed so vital

Los Angeles streetwear brand The Hundreds introduce this most vital fashion item: the simple tube sock. I never quite realized how important tube socks were until I caught The Hundreds’ informative, compelling American Apparel-esque ad campaign. Made of 85% cotton, 12% nylon, and 3% elastic, the socks feature three stripes at the calf with “The […]

24 Mar
Love and support to our brothers across the Pacific

There are a lot of ways to help to help out our cultural brothers and sisters over in Japan, but here’s another good one. The Help Japan T-Shirt is a great way to donate money to the desperately needed relief efforts while showing your allegiance to the cause. Very similar in concept to the Japan […]

14 Mar
Love and support to our brothers across the Pacific

What’s happened to our fine friends over in Japan is obviously horrific beyond words. We have so much respect for the Japanese people, culture and society in general that the devastation is honestly heartbreaking. There are many ways to help, including directly donating to the Red Cross and other on-ground organizations. If you want to […]

15 Jun
The peace-making t-shirts from Live as One

The concept behind Live As One tees is to spread the message of harmony on the backs of many, therefore spreading it throughout the world. The makers of the Live as One t-shirts put it this way: “It doesn’t take much to spread peace, and it takes even less to spread some kindness around. Simple […]

23 Dec
New Year's Inspiration for the Uninspired

It seems as though the holiday season always extrudes a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ in most wardrobe collections. Whatever notion of the holiday spirit you’d want to blame it on, it’s surely a time for a sparkly something or another with charming accents to follow. Nonetheless, the certain fear of playing twins with a […]

17 Sep
So how do I nominate Dov Charney for a Nobel Peace Prize?

You have to hand it to Dov Charney — the guy knows how to sell tshirts. Homeboy’s made a fortune selling the same v-necks and tights you can buy at any swap meet, but he’s mastered the age-old formula of associating your product with hot, half-naked chicks and, Presto blammo! your shit is flying off […]

19 May
From The Bauhaus School Of Thought

No superfluous design here. Berlin based t-shirt company Violent Elegance is all about simplicity and purism…and they’re all the better for it. Never thought a circle, triangle or square could be so damn appealing. Can’t wait to see more from this camp. They offer free shipping too, which is nice since I have no idea […]

Yes, it’s well know Dov Charney is a sweaty perv, but this gets a bit too self-righteous for my taste. Sure he made mad loot getting horny Flikr-famous LES girls to pose for his disposable hipster gear, but is that a reason to hate? So did Terry Richardson, and everyone seems to be on that […]