3 Jun
Hanging by the water got a whole lot more tempting

How much does it suck when you’re out on the lake or resting after catching a few waves and wish you had a nice frozen treat while you relax? I’m always fond of the Drumstick, a Choco Taco, and even the Fudgesicle. Unfortunately, when you’re out in the water, getting your favorite ice cream treat […]

20 Oct
...and best way to pick up drunk Havasu co-eds!

Like the Rinspeed sQuba or Splash, or the even older Gibbs Aquada, the WaterCar is aiming to bring amphibious transportation to the masses. Like all of the above, the WaterCar will almost certainly fail. At least for all their efforts they claim to be the “world’s fastest amphibious vehicle” which could very well be true, […]